Neverwinter Nights tools

This web page contains some tools created by Tero Kivinen to parse and write Neverwinter nights file formats. All the tools are written in perl, so they work both on unix and windows machines. The tools are quite generic, and they do not try to understand the actual data model of the objects, but they allow you to do automatic changes to the lots of files, and they are much, much faster than using toolset provided by the bioware.

Currently there is one module that allows you to parse any GFF file to a perl hash-structure. You can then print this out, or find items from the hash-structure etc. If you modify the hash-structure you need to keep format of the hash-structure proper so it can still be written out. This includes adding type information etc for each new entries items.

There is another module which takes the perl hash-structure of the GFF and writes it back to the file.

The parser module also includes function to print out the structure, and to search for specific items, and call a perl-function when they are found. That perl-function can then modify the gff, and when the find ends you can write the modified version back.

There is also module to unpack and pack erf/mod etc files. This means you can easily unpack the module modify some entries, and pack the module back without having to touch the toolset.

Latest addition is the key file parser and bif file unpacker. This means that you can take the existing nwn key and bif files and extract some files out from there. This includes operation like extracting all default script files.

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